We are delighted to welcome you to the 8th International Conference and Exhibition on Palm Oil 2024, a premier event dedicated to advancing sustainability and innovation in the palm oil industry. This year’s conference, with the theme “Intensifying Sustainability through Innovation Toward Net Zero Carbon in Palm Oil Industry,” promises to be a pivotal gathering of experts, stakeholders, and thought leaders shaping the future of the palm oil sector.

Scheduled to take place from May 21 – 22 2024, at the prestigious Jakarta International Convention Center (JICC), this conference aims to foster a comprehensive dialogue on sustainable practices, technological advancements, and strategies that lead us toward a net-zero carbon future. The palm oil industry plays a vital role in global agriculture and economies, and it is imperative that we converge to address the challenges it faces while maximizing its potential for positive environmental and social impact.

The theme of this year’s conference underscores the urgency to intensify sustainability efforts through innovative solutions. As we strive to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, it is crucial to explore groundbreaking technologies, sustainable agricultural practices, and collaborative initiatives that can transform the palm oil industry into a model of environmental responsibility.

Who will attend the event ?

As one of the biggest event on Palm oil for more than 5,000 will attend the event , from;

  1. Government, Regulators, policy maker and mInistries
  2. Palm Oil Producer, state owned enterprises, Ceo, Managers
  3. Business Owner & Investor, Ambassadors
  4. Palm Oil leaders, Association, Scientist, etc.

A two day international exhibition of industry suppliers is a rich and integral part valuable opportunities to promote products and services. The exhibition will be held in a spatial hall during the conference and the exhibit halls are located in close proximity. Considering the event will be attended by stake holders Internationally, ICE PO 2024 offers you an opportunity to promote through various promotion packages..

All promotion packages are detailed offered you to browse, with all the beneficial values that your company can obtain.

It would be great honor to have your company participation in The International Conference & Exhibition on Palm Oil 2024




Satelite Program - Planters Golf Tournament




Conference - Opening Plenary

Exhibition - Show Day Business Matching Presentation

Satelite Program - Palm Oil Award, Talk Show, Work Shop, Content Contest




Conference - Plenary

Exhibition - Show Day Business Matching Presentation

Satelite Program - Talk Show, Work Shop, Content Contest

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